A world of possibilities with the totem

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At Twistic, we offer a world of possibilities. For hotels, this means innovative communication solutions that open up new horizons and boost their growth. For tourists, it means enriched experiences and tailor-made solutions that enhance the experience during their stay. Discover limitless opportunities and transform the potential of your establishment. Welcome to a universe of opportunities.

  • Hotel
    Guests can discover a range of additional services, from upgraded rooms, spa services, special dining to exclusive packages to complement their stay and details on exclusive programmes and offers.
  • Tides
    Essential to ensure the safety and optimal enjoyment of guests in coastal activities.
  • Flights
    Ensure that your guests are always informed and can manage their travel itineraries smoothly.
  • Bookings
    Provide convenience and autonomy, enriching the guest experience by booking excursions or activities and increasing revenue opportunities for your hotel.
  • Activities and events
    It acts as a dynamic and immersive showcase in your lobby or common areas to promote the hotel's activities and events.
  • Weather
    Guests can access accurate data, from daily temperatures to warnings of extreme conditions, allowing them to plan and adjust their activities during their stay.
  • Sustainability
    Guests can learn about the hotel's sustainable practices. It not only informs, but also inspires and connects guests with the brand's sustainable vision.